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During the current Pandemic


We are still responding to life threatening EMERGENCIES

But have limited resources







If you see a Car labelled as a First Responder vehicle

Please be aware we do not have Blue Lights or Sirens

But that doesn’t mean the jobs we are on our way to are not


We helped the Emergency treatment and survival

of over 300 people this year (2019)

with a total of more than 2600 since we were founded

(Look at our callout page)

Please be courteous and help us to get there

It may be a member of YOUR family we are going to

With our Heartstart Scheme

Community First Responders in Essex

have trained many Thousands of Adults and Children in basic Life Support

over the last 10 years




We are still busy working with local people,

 To get Defibrillators out into the Community:





We can access preferential pricing


Free Training




Really busy and we have more equipment and training




September 2019

The local groups have increased their skill sets and with our new

Manger Camel which can lift fallen patients without needing an Ambulance.

And can leave patients who have no injuries at home,


critical vehicle time and getting fallen patients up far quicker.

You will also see some of our new diagnostic and treatment equipment

on jobs starting this month



All at Herts and Essex Air Ambulance in September 2018

The new Augusta 169 in its brand new livery


The Ongar Defibrillator had its opening on the 18th April after 2 years work

And we delivered Training on the 6th May at the Budworth Hall

We were there with 6 to 8 people to share the experience

To do familiarisation and Advertise CFR’s

It’s in the Telephone Box





EEAST, the Ongar WI and Essex Freemasons

working together.

And colleagues from EFRS joined us in the training session



The teams met at North Weald  with the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

and also examined the Fire Service

and trained in the Control Tower












The one in Ongar will be installed soon

Waiting on approval of location and electrical works in the Telephone Box

Funded by the Ongar WI and the Freemasons who meet in Harlow


The Defibrillator is back in Brentwood


September 2016-12-17

EZ32 has now completed over 2000 calls since founding in 2004


Doddinghurst now have a Defibrillator by Budgens


Blackmore have 2 Defibrillators in their Village Halls/Sports Centres


Stock Cricket Club have installed 2 Defibrillators in the Stock area with our help


2 Defibrillators have been installed in Galleywood


One in Kelvedon Hatch at The Eagle


A New Defibrillator in Moreton at the White Hart



Paid for by the Freemasons who meet in Chelmsford


Ashwells Road,

Paid for by the Old Brentwoods School Masonic Lodge


West Horndon,

Funded by the Parish Hall


Blackmore 9th Feb 2015  11.00

Outside Chelmsford Star Coop

Funded by Old Brentwoods School Lodge

Lifepak presentation-8

Ingatestone: 9th Feb 2015  10.00

 Outside Chelmsford Star Coop

Funded by Ingatestone Masonic Lodge

Lifepak presentation-6


we have one in Shenfield!!!!


Cliff Thoms Assistant Provincial Grand Master Essex Freemasons, Eric Pickles and Ron Ridge E

Eric Pickles accepted on behalf of the Community


Ron was there to show how it worked

On behalf of the

East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Another link to saving lives

Would you like to fund a defibrillator in your Community??

Contact us

Dec 2013:

New defibrillator arrives at Boots in Brentwood High Street

The Defibrillator                                        The Unveiling with the  people who paid for the installation and the equipment

                                                                                      The Old Brentwood’s School Masonic Lodge,

                                                                                Brentwood Association of Safer Licensed Establishments

                                                                                                          and Boots PLC

LIFESAVING CLASS: First responders Ron Ridge and Jack Squires flank (l-r) Rob Digby from the Baytree Centre, Scott Harrison from Total Security Services, Andrew Jonas from the Baytree Centre, Sophie Brittleton from The Hair Company, PCSO Matt Grimwood, and Richard Beard and Joe Barnes, both from Boots


LIFESAVERS are calling on the public to learn the simple skills that could keep someone alive as a new defibrillator arrives in Brentwood High Street.

The emergency equipment will be mounted on the wall at Boots pharmacy where it will be readily available to the public at any time of the day or night in case of an emergency.

The High Street pharmacy also funded the installation of the device.

Defibrillators deliver a controlled electric shock of up to 1,000 volts through the chest wall to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat after cardiac arrest.

Although, as first responder Ron Ridge explains, not all of that charge will reach the heart.

"When you shock somebody, only about 25 per cent of that gets to the heart so putting the pads in the right place is very important," he said, while training town centre-based workers at Eclipse nightclub earlier this month.

"The idea is that anyone, even if you're out and haven't got any equipment, can take a defibrillator and help save a life.

"The more people we can help train to use the equipment the better."

According to the British Heart Foundation, when someone goes into cardiac arrest every minute without receiving CPR and defibrillation reduces their chance of survival by 10 per cent.

Eclipse manager Steve Vaughan said the nightclub was pleased to host the afternoon training sessions.

He said: "It's been fantastic, it's really helped show me how easy it is to use. We hope we don't ever have to use it – but we want to be ready just in case."

Costing around £1,600, the defibrillator was funded by the Master and Brethren of the Old Brentwoods School Lodge and the Brentwood Association of Safer Licensed Establishments. Brentwood town centre PCSO Matt Grimwood believes the new equipment could help save lives.

He said: "Any member of the public can use them.

"Having seen one near to where I live, I knew it was important. If it saves one life it doesn't matter how much it costs."

Read more:







Could you be a First Responder ?  ask RON

fireworks-01WE WONfireworks-01

The Essex Chronicle

Hearts OF Essex Award 2012

Community Award


£1,500 added to our Funds


Thanks to all who voted for us


And on the following day we reached  our 1,000th call  since the Group was started


Receiving the Check 28th June Highlands House

From Left to right

Penelope, Josh, Ron( coordinator), Simon, Roy (PRO), Alan Geere (Editor in Chief, Essex Chronicle Media Group)

(thanks to Essex Chronicle and Mike their Photographer  for the Picture)



May 2012

'The Four Parishes Ambulance First Responder Group' has been nominated for an award in the Bentwood Gazette / Essex Chronicle 'HEARTS of ESSEX' Award scheme 2012.


We are a group of trained volunteers who work on a round the clock rota system, responding to life threatening 999 calls on behalf of the East of England Ambulance Service. To date, our small group have responded to around 1000 calls and have been responsible for resuscitating at least 9 people who had suffered cardiac arrest and have helped countless others with strokes, breathing difficulties, diabetic comas etc. etc.



December 2011


DON'T Dial 999 for the Flu use the National NHShelplines and have a nominated "Flu Friend " ready

 to collect your medication if you are diagnosed as having the illness remember to only call 999 for real Emergencies.  


Save ambulances for real emergencies this winter



hary%20potter%20and%20pals%20drop%20in press here to check if you are really ill






Blackmore Fayre



recruiting at Blackmore show see our new stands




new signs





roncanRon Lifesaving in a recent Kayak event



May 2011


Maybe you can give time to help us publicise the Group and get new members, contact us if you can help in this way


if you live in Shenfield, Hutton, Ingrave or Central Brentwood our Brentwood Group also need members just contact us on the contact page


Being A First Responder DOES Save Lives








April 2011


At the AGM it was announced that we have lost several members in the year

Ann, Alan and Vicky, David, Doreen, Christine and Peter, have all left the active side of the group but we hope to be using them on our support functions at Fetes and Fayres.


Derek, Ron and Roy have trained as Heartstart trainers to move that programme into the local community.


Ron Presented a Digital Projector to Wendy (CPM) for her to use as part of her role, this was donated by the Venturer Lodge no 7897 as part of the funds raised through the year, the Master made us his annual Charity, and also donated funds into our general account.




March 2011

As part of our support for the Heartstart Campaign the Venturer Lodge no 7897 have given us £500 to pay for Essex Community Partnership Manager's Digital Projector and also towards group funds


Whilst Driving along the Ongar road on his way to the Ambulance Station to replenish his equipment, Ron one of our Responders arrived at the site of a Road Traffic Collision, he asked the Police if his help was needed and was requested to attend a elderly driver with Chest Pains by the Policeman who was just requesting medical assistance over his radio.. Whilst waiting for the Ambulance Ron got the patient's details and gave him Oxygen as his breathing was laboured and the patient was in pain, he then monitoring his condition to prevent him from getting any worse, on examination the patient was found to have a severely damaged breastbone and was taken to hospital where unfortunately he died 3 days later, from complications resulting from his injuries. after passing his patient to the Ambulance Crew our Responder went on to replenish his Oxygen and other equipment and was available for calls 15 minutes after leaving the scene of the Incident.



February 2011

The new Rotary club of Kelveden Hatch has made a donation of £125.00 to us as have the Wives of Blackmore who held an auction and raised £300.00 for our funds a really big thanks from us all.




Front page article in the Brentwood Recorder


January 2011


 Whilst Gardening at home First Responder Ron Ridge was called by neighbours to a terrible accident outside, 2 Horses and riders had been struck by a vehicle and both riders demounted, One rider was in the ditch not breathing Ron, recognised the other, a man, was shaken but talking at the side of the road, ran and organised the extraction of the non breathing casualty and attempted to resuscitate her, despite his attempts and those of local Ambulance Crews and the Air Ambulance Paramedic and Doctor the lady was not able to be rescusitated, After the Crews and the Helicopter had left Ron stayed and cleared the medical equipment from the scene and made Tea for the Police investigating the incident before going back to finish his fencing. Unfortunately both Horses did not survive, one being killed by the impact the other passed away soon after, before vetinary help could arrive..