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Frequently Asked Questions.


Q    How long will the initial training last?


A     We now subscribe to the Level 3 National Qualification for CFR’s this is trained over 5 days (weekends) at the Ambulance training school in Newmarket after some pre learning and a assessment This course includes an assessment to ensure the Responder is Fit for Purpose.

The course is followed up with continuation training


Q    Will I have to be assessed, and if so how often?


   Yes, you will be assessed at the initial training session and then every six months thereafter,

Normally at our monthly meetings.

With a Formal Assessment by an Independent Assessor team every 12 months


Q     What types of incidents will I be sent to?


A     A Responder is sent to patients suffering from one of the following conditions:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Breathing Difficulty
  • Chest Pain (including cardiac arrests, heart attacks and angina)
  • Choking
  • Collapsed/Unconscious
  • Falls
  • Diabetes
  • Paediatric incidents as required
  • The Ambulance Service can send First Responders to many call codes


Q     How often do I have to be available?


   This is dependant upon you. Our Volunteers provide cover for 24 hours 7 days a week 52 weeks of the year. You can commit to as many or as few as you like but we need you to commit to 2 hours training per montha dn a minimum of 10 volunteering hours


Q    How do I get to the incident?


   It is requirement that you have use of a car and hold a full UK driving licence. 

 We would not however want you to break any speed limits or put yourself or other road users at risk.


Q    Will it effect my Car Insurance?


A     Not usually, but some insurance companies may make a small charge depending on your current policy and type of insurance that you hold.  None of our current volunteers have incurred charges from their insurance company. East of England Ambulance Service will supply a letter to your insurance company explaining the role of a volunteer at the beginning of your service.


Q    What about personal insurance?


   East of England Ambulance Service provide insurance cover for you (including Medical Negligence),

providing you are acting on our behalf. i.e. you are responding to an emergency call out from Ambulance Control or have logged on at the scene of an incident.


Q    What happens if I have a difficult incident?


A     Everybody responds differently to situations, some just want to deal with it by themselves, others will talk to family or friends, or by a more experienced member of the group, whatever your needs, a local manager is available day or night to listen to your concerns and provide support. Responders have access to East of England Ambulance Occupational Health counsellors if necessary we use a process calld TRIM which will be explained to you.


Q  Can I exceed the speed limit responding to a call? Can I have a Blue Light?


A  No. All volunteers MUST adhere to the highway code and are not allowed to exceed any speed limit or ignore any traffic sign. No extra lighting is allowed but you will have magnetic signs on your vehicle indicating who you are. The signs and your Hazard Lights provide a visual sign for the following Ambulance Personnel as to where the Casualty is but Hazard lights can only be used when you are stationary.